Module that defines the CInt64Set and the associated functions.

Types and Definitions



struct CInt64Set;
typedef struct CInt64Set CInt64Set;

Via the macros VAL_SET_DEF_C_ and VAL_SET_IMPL_C_ declared and implemented struct. The macros declare and implement also the following globals and functions.

/* create */
CInt64Set* make_int64_set_c( int64_t size, float maxLoadFactor );
CInt64Set* new_int64_set_c( void );
/* manage */
cSetInfo const* info_of_int64_set_c( CInt64Set const* set );
bool resize_int64_set_c( CInt64Set* set, int64_t cap );
bool set_max_load_of_int64_set_c( CInt64Set* set );
/* api */
bool in_int64_set_c( CInt64Set* set, int64_t val );
cSetItr next_in_int64_set_c( CInt64Set const* set,
                             cSetItr itr,
                             int64_t const* val[static 1] );
bool remove_from_int64_set_c( CInt64Set* set, int64_t val );
bool set_on_int64_set_c( CInt64Set* set, int64_t val );